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9th Annual Convention


Strategic Management Forum

May 18 -20, 2006



May 18, 2006

Conference on Strategic Management: Current Efforts & Future Challenges

9.00 – 11.00 am


Dr. A.C. Muthaiah by Lighting Lamp





                                      Welcome Address

                                      Inaugural Address

Dr. Krishna Kumar, Director IIMK

Dr. A.C. Muthaiah



      Shri Shankaran P. Raghunathan, MD Blue Shift



      G. Rajmohan, Chairman, Kerala State Pollution Control Board



       Prof. Shekhar Choudhury, Director IIMC



       Prof. KRS Murthy, Former Director, IIMB


Release of 8th Convention Proceedings

       Dr. A C Muthaiah

11.00 – 11.30 am

                                    High Tea







11.30 – 1.30

Technical Session I

Technical Session II


Chair Prof. Subash Sharma

Chair: Prof. Arun Sahay

Paper Presentation




Presentation by Atanu Ghosh

Strategic Developmental Organisation & Bureaucratic psyche: A need for creating participatory culture by Dr. Praul Rishi


India’s Trade Competitiveness and Exchange Rate Policy by Prof. P.R. Bhatt

Strategic HR Recruitment & Selection by P.M. Kulkarni


Innovativeness & Sustainable Growth of Software Firms: An evolution Model  by Abhishek Nirjar

Competency mapping: A strategic tool for organization Development by Trupti S  Almoula


Quality & Competitiveness: A key to Academic Excellence by S. Sahney

Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Positioning Strategies by M. Prasanna Mohan Raj


Potentiality of and Post Liberalization Impact on Silk Route Trade via Nathu-La pass in Sikkim by Anindita Adhikary

Organisation Excellence: An Integrative Framework of Business Superiority by Koustab Ghosh


Distribution Models in Insurance Sales & Services: Some key Strategic Issues by Lalit Kumar Khurana

Global competitiveness of Indian tourism industry by Prashant Gupta


Innovation & Corporate Sustainability by Dr. Reena Agrawal

Diversification and Firm Performance: The Moderating Influence of Ownership Structure and Business Group-Affiliation by Rejie George


HR Value Proposition- Strategy in globalization by S. Muralidhar

Indian Retailing: A Search for Strategic Direction(s) by Nitin S. Wani


Succession Planning: Importance, Industry Practices & related Strategic issues by Sameer K. Rohadia

The Mantra for Shifting your business from Question Mark to Stars in BCG Matrix by Prof. R. Sankaranarayanan


Global Environment for the Indian MNCs- A reference to some selected industries of Strategic importance by Dr. U Jayalakshmi Srikumar

Cause Related Marketing: Are the Indian corporate getting into the act? by Shantanu Ghosh


Post Globalization Opportunities for Northeast Tourism Business- The Synergistic Effect by Bedanta Bora

India- a food factory to the world by Geetha Rajaram










2.30 – 4.30 pm

Technical Session III

Technical Session IV


Chari: Prof. Sushil Khanna

Chair: Prof. Rishikesh Krishnan

Paper Presentation




Analyzing Relationship Marketing strategy in Context of Quality food Marketing by Devesh Mishra

Gender and change management by Geetha M


Strategic Planning in the Airline Industry by J. Ashok Babu

Organisational Change- Applying the Longitudinal thinking Approach by Meenakshi Khemka


Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid: A conceptual model for sloving the marketing spasm by Ramendra Singh

Strategy in Changing Business Scenario: The Indian way by Sushri Sarita Mohanty


 Tacit Knowledge & Innovation: setting the link in practice by Niharika Rai

Global Leadership: the winning Edge by Sushri Sarita Mohanty


A model to evaluate retail customer’s satisfaction- A theoretical approach by Madhurima Deb

Leadership & its strategic role in sustaining work ethic by G.S. Venugopal


Resolution of International Business Dispputes: International commercial Arbitration is the need of the hour by Anurag K. Agarwal

Change Mangment for India by N. Kiran Kumar


Changing faces of the Health Care Services in India by S. Sasi

Change Management by Hitesh Kamdhar


Challenges of Indian Educational Industry in the regime of Globalization by Dr. S. Franklin John

Managing Change In The Insurance Sector by Sasi S


JAGO a call for Indian textile industry  by Anu Prashant

Innovation as a Core Subject of Management Education in India by Prof. A. Senguttuvan


Marketing Strategically to rural Indian folks:  A basket full of opportunities by Prateek Kanchan

Creativity As A Key Factor For Excellence In Management Research by Prof. A. Senguttuvan



New Managerial Tools for Strategic Analysis… Dr. Subhash Sahrma


















4.30 – 6.30 pm

Technical Session V

Technical Session VI


Chair: Prof. Atanu Ghosh

Chair: Dr. Sankar Raghunathan

Paper Presentation




The long-Term post-merger performance of firms in India by K. Ramakrishnan

Managing Sustainability with the Balanced Scorecard: Translating Mission into Action by Denny John


Competition and Consequences: Prof. Krishna Kumar

Welcome to the era of Execution by Ambarish Khaitan


Software Service Providers:  A Comparative analysis of an Indian and a European corporation by Thillai Rajan A

Strategy Formulation & Implementation at Samtel color Ltd., by V.R. Murali Mohan


Strategicv Networks & Allainces-  A theoretical exposition by P. Shahisdhar

Formulation of Strategies & their implementation by Ms. Sunita Kumari


The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry building on its Competitive Advantage- merge or Acquire to respire by Saurabh

Successfully implementing Lean Six Sigma for Competitive Advantage by Prof. U.C. Jha


Collaborating For Success In The Global Market: Lessons For Indian Companies by Susheela Venketraman

Balance Score card: A tool of Strategic Mangement by Prathima Bhat K


Are Merger’s and Acquisition a strategic tool for growth and survival? By Svetlana Fernandes

Executing Balanced Scorecard for Competitive Advantage by Hemamalini Suresh


From Corporatisation to Cooperatisation: Resurgence of cooperatives in the post WTO era by Subhojit Banerjee

Application of Innovative tools like RAROC & EVA to formulate strategies in Banking Industry by Latha Chari


"Challenges for Indian businesses in Global Secenario" by Naveen Kumar D

Keys to Effective Strategy Execution through Corporate Culture & Strategic Leadership by Pavan Patel


India, The positive Sign-The Strive, The Triumph by Vaheed Z Ubaidullah

The Balanced Scorecard by Sukhjinder Baring



Performance Measurement Systems for SMEs with the

Balanced Scorecard Approach: C.S.P. Sumandiran* & C.S.P. Shasidharan**



Strategy Formulation and Implementation for the Emerging Markets by Sanjit Kumar Roy


















May 19, 2006

National Seminar on global Business: Experiences & Challenges of Indian Companies

9.00 – 1.00

Welcome Address

Prof. Krishna Kumar



Rahul Goswami, Vice President Strategic Planning & CIO,                                Ranbaxy



(ii) Shri. S.K. Kalia, GM (Credit) Bank of Baroda



(iii) Shri. Vijay Angadi, MD. ICF Ventures, Bangalore



(iv) M. Ayyappan, Chairman & MD, Hindustan Latex Ltd



(v) G. Rajmohan, Kerala Pollution Control Board



 (vi) Ganesh, VP, Marketing, SPIC

        Rapporteur’s Report

        Distribution of Momento

2.00 – 5.00 pm

Welcome Address

 Prof. Krishna Kumar



(i) Prof. Neil Quigley



(ii) Prof. Devi Singh, Director, IIM Lucknow



(iii) Shri Sankaran P. Rghunathan, MD, Blueshift



(iv) Shri GeorgeGilbert, GM, Marketing Planning Managers






Rapporteur’s Report



Distribution of Momento











May 20, 2006

Case Colloquim

9.00 – 11.00 am

Technical Session VII

Technical Session VIII


Chair: Prof. Abhishek Nirjar

Chair: Prof. Ganesh Prabhu

Paper Presentation




Cross Holding Strategy to Increase Control: case of the Tata Group by Ram Kumar Kakani

Has Jet Airways Missed the flight? by Nirali shah


Reva, the Battery-operated Electric Car …by Dr. Kalyani Rangarajan

A Structure-Conduct-Performance Analysis of the Indian Auto-Component Industry – Identifying the Weak-Link by Srividhya Raghavan


Embalam Knowledge Centre- A management case by T. Kumar

Link Locks Pvt. Ltd.-A Case Of Revival In The Ailing Lock Industry by Saboohi Nasim


Opportunities open up for Indian textile industry due to globalization by Franklin John

Entrepreneurial Profile of Promoters in Cyber Café Business by Chhikara  M.S.


Leveragin Internationalization- Experience of a Tea Major by Srinivas Ainavolu

Strategic Decision making and NGO by Rajul Joshi


11.30 a.m-1.30p.m




Technical Session IX


Chair: Prof. Krishna Kumar



Technical Session X


Chair: Prof. P R Bhatt



Impact of the new Patent regime on the competitiveness of Indian pharmaceutical industry by Dr. Mohd. Afaq Khan

Enhancing Competitiveness of Surat Zari Industry: An Exploration by Renuka Garg


Student, Mid & Bead- the NIA way by Ambarish Khaitan

An Industry note – Indian Petroleum industry by Raghupathy Madhavan Balakrishnan


Sustaining of  non government organization in developing countries: A case of NGOs operating in Rajasthan by Praneb Deb

Creating Peoples’ Brand: The Case of Vindhya Valley/Herbal (1) by Manmohan Yadav


Energizing India- Naturally…. By Prof. Venu Gopal Rao

Maruti Udyog Limited: The Bumpy Road Ahead by A. Sahay


MUL & Maruti Driving School by Ranjith

Balanced Scorecard for NGOs: Challenges in Implementation by Pradeep Kumar Mishra










Workshop on Curriculum Development

2.00 – 4.30 pm

Chair: Prof. Krishan Kumar


Presentation: Prof. Ranagarajan







4.30 – 5.30 pm

Chair: Prof Devisingh









Prof. Krishan Kumar

Certificate Distribution

Rapporteur’s Report

Summing up

Forum Activity:Future Agenda

Prof. Devisingh


Prof. P R Bhatt